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Hydro Paws Ltd.

Animal Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation.

Terms & Conditions.

Please Read Carefully.

  • Whilst every care is taken of dogs undergoing treatment and in maintenance of the water and equipment used, all dogs receive hydrotherapy treatment entirely at their owner’s risk.
  • All treatment courses, including those to be part of an insurance claim, must be paid for in advance. Individual sessions must be paid for on the day of treatment. Payment to be made by cash or cheque, (we do not accept credit cards).
  • Session fees will be charged in full if an appointment is broken or cancelled without 24 hours notice.
  • Late arrival for your session may mean your dog may not be able to swim or partake in a full session. Session will still be charged in full.
  • Hydro Paws Ltd reserves the right to ban repeat cancellations and non attendees.
  • Dogs will not be treated without the prior authorisation of their veterinary surgeon and completion of a veterinary referral form for treatment swims, fitness swims and fun swims.
  • Dogs with infectious or contagious conditions, such as ear, eye, skin infections, gastric upset, kennel cough etc will not be treated. Owners are advised to cancel all appointments with at least 24Hrs notice until the condition has completely cleared up.Normal cancellation conditions apply.
  • Bitches in season will not be able to attend sessions until their season has completely finished. Normal cancellation conditions apply.
  • Please ensure your dog is as well groomed as possible as we do not have time available to groom dogs before they enter the pool. We reserve the right to refuse to swim any dog with an excessively dirty coat. Normal cancellation conditions apply.
  • Prior to commencement of treatment Hydro Paws Ltd requires sight of the dogs vaccination certificate. Dogs will not be treated without up-to-date vaccination records.
  • Owners are required to notify Hydro Paws Ltd if, during a course of treatment, the dog’s injury or condition worsens, or if a veterinary surgeon advises that the treatment should be stopped or suspended.
  • Owners are required not to feed their dog for at least 3 hrs prior to attending an appointment. We also advise not to feed your dog for approx. 1hr after swimming.
  • Please ensure your dog has had the opportunity to go to the toilet prior to an appointment. A surcharge of £50 will be made for dogs that defecate in the pool, as the pool may need to be closed for cleaning and this will effect subsequent appointments. It is the owner’s responsibility to pick up after your dog whilst on the premises and its surrounding environment.
  • When not undergoing sessions all dogs must be kept under control and must be kept on a lead at all times. This does not apply to dogs unable to walk without assistance.
  • Fun swims will only be allowed for dogs presented without injuries, illnesses or health complaints that fall within the normal weight range for that breed and not currently taking any anti inflammatory medication.
  • Owners are advised to wear sensible non slip shoes and sensible clothing when attending appointments with their dog as the floor of the pool room can become wet during swim sessions resulting in an increased risk of slipping and injury.
  • Hydro Paws Ltd cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury to any person or animal, howsoever caused, whilst on our premises.
  • Hydro Paws Ltd cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to motor vehicles or personal property, howsoever occasioned, whilst on our premises.
  • Hydro Paws Ltd reserves the right to use any video footage or still photography taken during treatment sessions or fun swims. Any photographs or video footage taken at Hydro Paws Ltd remain the property of Hydro Paws and may not be used without written permission from ourselves.
  • Hydro Paws Ltd reserve the right to refuse treatment to any dog at anytime.
  • Children must be kept under close supervision of an accompanying adult at all times whilst on the premises in the interests of health and safety.