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Hydro Paws Ltd.

Animal Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation.

Microchip Implanting.

Hydro Paws Ltd now offer a microchip implanting service, including entry on the Petlog national database, by appointment only.

Electronic identification for companion animals is offered in conjunction with the Petlog national database. Petlog operate a central computerized database within the UK and are working with other European countries to form 'Europetnet'. Petlog are part of the UK Kennel Club.

The Petlog database contains details of the animal and the owner. Once the lost animal has been scanned, and a transponder detected, Petlog are contacted and given the animals microchip number. Petlog search their database and retrieve the owners information. This information is given to the organisation holding the animal and they make contact with the owner.

Hydro Paws Ltd uses Trovan transponders for electronic identification. The transponders are a tiny electronic device encapsulated in a biocompatible glass used to store an identification number. It is a micro-transponder, size 2.12mm X 12mm.

Hydro Paws Ltd request that all animals to be microchipped are 10 weeks old, small breed animals should be 12 weeks.

Hydro Paws Ltd is also a member of the Petlog lost pet alert scheme, helping reunite lost pets with their owners.

Please contact us for further information or to make an appointment.