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Hydro Paws Ltd.

Animal Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation.

Welcome to Hydro Paws Ltd.

We are an established animal hydrotherapy centre in Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire.

At Hydro Paws Ltd we liaise with veterinary surgeons and clients to ensure your animals receive the best treatment available and achieve your goals.

All animals swim under strict supervision and control of a qualified hydrotherapist.


The benefits of hydrotherapy were first recognised thousands of years ago and have been utilised ever since in medicine and veterinary fields due to the therapeutic effects.

Hydro Paws Ltd uses a temperature maintained pool to engage animals in controlled swim sessions to aid post surgery recovery, injury recuperation, fitness, weight loss and general fun swims.

Hydrotherapy is non weight bearing exercise due to the buoyancy characteristics of water,reducing pressure on joints which improves range of motion, builds and maintains muscle mass, can increase cardiovascular fitness, and strength. The use of warm water enhances blood circulation, relaxes muscle spasms, reduces pain, inflammation and stiffness.

Some Conditions which benefit from hydrotherapy:-

·          Obesity,

·          Cruciate Ligament Injuries,

·          Osteochondrosis Dessicans,

·          Patella Luxation,

·          Legg Calve Perthes Disease,

·          Hip & Elbow Dysplasia,

·          Arthritis,

·          Spinal Injuries,

·          Post Fracture Repair,

·          Improved mental state.

Hydro Paws Ltd welcomes any dog that would like to swim whether for fun or therapy.

  All animals will be assessed individually to adapt a tailor made hydrotherapy program best suited to their needs.

Hydro Paws Ltd is focused on providing a high-quality service and customer satisfaction

we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

To make an appointment or discuss the needs of your pet in greater detail either use the Contact Us tab or phone on 07794238484.